I'm falling, falling.. And I can get up!


This is a series of booklets on how to overcome adversity and become the best version of your self. Falling is NOT failing, and in this book I will give you some key concepts to get back up after life throws you lemons. The keys to living your extraordinary life from a woman that has overcome many struggles and refused to stay down. The book will assist you in your journey to getting back up and achieving greatness.

Build your Million Dollar Empire from the Inside-Out

  • Know your worth enough to say to NO and set clear boundaries for more time freedom so you can take care of yourself first.  

  • Ingest the knowledge of integrative nutrition and how it plays a role on your overall mind/body, health.   

  • Have the knowledge to implement exercise for better mental  and health

here's what you will learn:

Marcie Novis-Levine is a Holistic Lifestyle/Nutritional coach, writer, Aromatherapist, and a Reiki Master. 


She has a B.S. in Alternative Medicine and a Masters Degree in Public Health/Functional Nutrition.


She is here to assist you on your personal journey and path to creating a magical balance and a healthy lifestyle.