Life is a bit crazy at times and just when we think we have it all figured out-"Wham", curve ball, plot twist or just good ole let down. Sometimes it's something very small, yet it feels like your world is crashing in on you and sometimes it's so big that you truly don't know what you should do. The key is to never ever give up, because what ever it is you are dealing with-"I promise you that you will get through it".

Know you are worth more than what others may say about you. The one's that speak negative of another are only seeing a fraction of something they don't like in their own self in you, so they have to criticize you-this is called the mirror effect. We are all human and each and every one of us has one flaw or another, yet sometimes there are a few unkind individuals that can be downright cruel. If we can all keep a perspective on these individuals, make light of their harsh behavior and just realize how much inner pain they must be experiencing and we should not take it personally.

When we truly know our own worth, no matter what another says to us- it doesn't matter. The truth of the matter is we are worthy of what ever we desire. If we desire an abundance of love, money, health and wellbeing; what ever it is we desire-we are 100% worth it.

Sometimes people don't believe in you because you have failed so many times before in your past. Your past is the past, we only have this present moment and a hope for an amazing future, so If you must let them go it's ok, just let them go and keep pushing forward. Know your worth, believe in yourself and your ability to make it through no matter what. If we believe in ourselves-it doesn't matter who is not standing by us-we all can achieve greatness with just knowing deep in side ourselves holds the tenacity to not give up. Don't ever- ever give up on your self-"You got this".

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