Living your Passion.

How is your mental health?

How is your physical health?

How is your financial wellness?

How are your relationships?

When you have purpose in your life all of the areas above are in balance.

Do you know having a purpose improves your overall brain function?

Improves your cognition function and memory.

If you settle for a life that is lacking of purpose and passion you compromise your mental and physical health.

Here are a few reasons its important to have purpose in your life.

  1. Less stress and anxiety

  2. 27% less likely to have a heart attack

  3. 22% less likely to have a stroke

  4. You practice better nutrition

  5. You exercise daily

  6. Better gut health

  7. More likely to take care of the physical body

  8. Better relationships

  9. Better gut health

  10. More successful in financial area of their life

  11. Better able to obtain goals

  12. Better contributors to charities and organizations in need.

We all want a vibrant, passion filled life, what is holding you back? Is it time? Financial? No support?

Well my friends I have a little secret for you. You can find your purpose and have the life you are seeking.

When you know your why? You are more physically and mentally ready for whatever the world brings your way.

We all have a passion, purpose and the key is to find out our own individual why?

Our why is the answer, the answer to everything you are searching for. Once you find out your why everything will start to fall into place and you life will be filled with passion.

What is your passion? From Psychology Today.

1. What do you love to do?

2. If you were granted one superpower, what would it be?

3. What is your favorite quality about yourself?

4. What movie(s) have you watched over and over? What’s the theme?

5. What kinds of things do you pray about the most often? Or pray for?

6. Name someone who inspires you with his/her approach to life. What is you admire most about the way this person lives?

7. If you could choose a mentor, dead or alive, to help guide you back—or forward—to a sense of aliveness, who would it be, and why?

8. What advice would s/he would give you regarding how to find your way to this sense of aliveness and vitality?

9. Name a time in your life when you were unusually bold (by your own standards)?

10. What might boldness look like right now in your life?

11. Name one positive change you’d love to see in your work life?

12. What kinds of scenes in movies most often make you choke up? Dramatic reconciliations, acts of kindness, people sticking up for other people, underdogs triumphing over obstacles.

13. What if anything do you have a chip on your shoulder about? (Grudges are forms of passion and energy, potential sources of power and sense of mission, and can motivate us to action.) Being raised with certain disadvantages, not going to college, something your parents suppressed in you, some way you’ve been victimized.

14. What issues or stories in the news predictably fill you with indignity and outrage?

15. Compose a bucket-list. 10 things you’d love to do or experience before you die. Learn how to ski, swim with dolphins, get a tattoo, run a marathon, write a book, forgive someone.

16. Where in your life—in what places, doing what things, with which people—can you say, “I like myself here”?

17. You're standing at a crossroads. There's a signpost in front of you with two signs on it, pointing in different directions. Without thinking too much, what's written on each of the signs (a word or short phrase)?

18. The psychologist Arnold Mindell, founder of Process Oriented Psychology, says that symptoms are usually dreams trying to come true. Name some recurring symptom in your body that has your attention. Then give it a voice, let it speak to you and tell you: “My dream is that you would………….:”

19. The novelist Toni Morrison once sat down and wrote all the to-do list items she had to get done in the average day—work and non-work related—which was many pages long. At the end of it, she wrote: “What must I do or I shall die?” She came up with only two items: be a mother to my children, and write! Ask yourself the same question: What must I do or I shall die?

20. What decision you could make today that your future self would thank you for?

21. If you could program a subliminal message onto your own computer, and have it flash at you 500 times a day, what message would you plug in?

22. If you died tomorrow, what would be your biggest regret about what you didn't do in life, or didn't get to do?

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